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Developing a comprehensive, affordable accreditation and licensure strategy for your HME or Healthcare business is critical to succeeding in a strict regulatory environment. HAS Consulting works with you and your staff to ensure thorough preparation and ongoing compliance maintenance. Our extensive experience and razor-sharp understanding of current regulations can help you accomplish your goals of accreditation, licensure & regulatory compliance efficiently and with less disruption to your most important business... providing quality patient care and services.

HAS Services

HAS offers a broad range of services through on-site consultation, conference calls, inservices and ongoing compliance maintenance:

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Beginning the process toward accreditation and licensure compliance can be confusing. For a confidental, complimentary needs assessment contact HAS today. You can email Mark Kemerer at mkemerer@HASconsulting.com

Important News

Medicare has announced 9 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) for competitive bidding requirements in 2011 with another 70 to 91 MSAs to be selected for 2012. Healthcare providers and HMEs must support HR 3790 to repeal or replace competitive bidding.

The following MSAs have been selected:

Competitive Bidding Will:

Put hundreds of HME companies out of business; eliminate over 80,000 jobs; reduce patient choice; reduce quality of care.